What is

Print & Play?

A Print & Play Game is a digital document (a PDF) that contains a full card game. This document includes a cover image, a coloring page, the game rules, a fun intro story and, most importantly — the cards. To play, simply print out the document on your home printer. (We suggest using a 110 lb., 8.5 x11 card stock available at any office supply store or through Amazon.) Then, carefully cut out your cards, (color them in if you wish), read the rules, and play! (Parents: We recommend supervising young children for scissors safety!)

No waiting for a package to arrive. No driving to a retail store. Just time with your family and friends – making and playing something cool!

The Steps

1. Download

3. Cut Cards

2. Print Out

4. Color Cards

5. Play Cards!

Why is it good for the planet?

And good for you?

Your cards aren’t

shipped in

gas guzzling 

cargo ships.

Your cards aren’t wrapped in cellophane that endangers marine life!

Your cards aren’t delivered in wasteful boxes!

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