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No screens. No pressure. Just fun.


We’re out to disrupt the world…just a little. A Street Party Game delivers fantasy, wonder, goofiness, and a hands-on creative experience meant to be shared with BFFS of all ages.


Because, Dude?! Shouldn’t every day be a Street Party Day?!

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Rita Street - President


Rita has spent the last two decades working in children’s media. She is the co-creator of the Disney EMEA series, “Space Chickens in Space” and has executive produced such series as “Ruby Gloom,” “Hero:108” and the upcoming feature film, “100% Wolf.” As a kid she loved to play board games like “Candy Land,” “Green Ghost,” and “Battle Ship.” Rita and her father spent countless hours playing the now classic card games, “Old Maid” and “Touring.” She sights her biggest childhood accomplishment as the creation and production of a school-wide jacks tournament for her elementary school. 

Benjamin Ginsburg – Head of Game Design


Ben loves stories: written, filmed, staged, and played. During his studies at UC Davis, he worked as a writer and editor and continues that work for non-profits today. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Ben loves to let loose by participating in weekly board game nights with friends. And line-dancing!


Street Party Games is a Division of Radar Cartoons, LLC. To learn more about Radar and it’s cartoons, go to:

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